The Sound of Dropping Stones

What if Jesus spoke to you today?


Have you ever watched a movie where a key character dies but leaves a note behind for someone to find?

When the recipient of the note finds it and starts to read, what usually happens?

Usually we hear the author of the note reading it out loud. It can be haunting, but it instantly personalizes the note. The words on the page come to life when spoken by the one who wrote them.

What if you could hear Jesus speak to you through the words in the Bible in this way?

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Hey friends!

I know it’s been a while since I posted, but let me assure you that plenty has been happening behind the scenes.  I’m in the process of launching a new site:

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Today I have a guest post with Jackie Bledsoe.  Jackie does a great job helping men lead and love the ones who matter most. You can find his work at

He was kind enough to let me publish my post, “Why It Might Be Good To Show Some PDA Around Your Kids.”

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I Want To Be Uncompromising

(Sounds strange, doesn't it?)



It’s such a lovely word, right?  It seems so noble.

Compromise is the art of working together.  We may not agree, but if I take a step towards you and you take a step toward me maybe we could compromise.

This world likes compromise. In fact if you take a stand for something and refuse to compromise you may be labeled as stubborn, intolerant, even bigoted.  Oh my.

So why would anyone want to be known as uncompromising?  In the book I’m reading the answer is on page 1,871.  

GASP! Am I a “Thorny Soil” Kind of Christian?

Do you allow your pursuits to hold you back from God's best?

When I was a kid I grew up with my best friend Todd.  He and I lived just down the street from each other.  My parents had 5 acres of land with a creek running through the middle and a lot of woods for a boy to explore.  Todd’s family had 10 acres of land, a pasture with horses, and best of all it had a swamp. No kidding, all that was missing was Shrek.

Todd and I roamed these fifteen acres of land usually wearing rubber boots and camouflage pants and carrying a bb gun, hatchet, or machete to hack our way through any obstacles we might encounter.  We must have been a formidable sight, although now that I look at the picture below I see that we looked like little old men.

Jess & Todd Kids

Looking back now I realize it was the best kind of childhood you could imagine.

On our treks through the woods we would often find ourselves conquering various types of fauna.  Being from the south kudzu was always present.  We would also find fallen trees, poison oak, vines to hang on, small saplings to chop down, and wild blackberry thickets.

Sticking, stabbing thorns

Worst of all were the saw briars.

Saw briars were thick green vines covered with thorns.  They blended into their surroundings and you usually wouldn’t see them until you felt the prick of the thorns through your pants leg.   Looking down, you would see this invasive weed wrapped around your feet and legs and stopping you from moving forward.

The only was to get free was to stop and gently extricate yourself from the vine and the grip of the thorns.

I bring all this up because a common parable took on new meaning for me.

What if Everyday Was Valentine’s Day In Your Marriage?

Love is Valentine's Day Every Day

Every year around this time my wife says these words to me:


We don’t have to do anything special for Valentine’s Day.  You show me you love me every day, we don’t need a special day for that.

While I know that this sentiment is sincere, this is dangerous territory for a man.  It makes me nervous, like a pop quiz. This kind of statement is in the same family as these:

You don’t have to get me a gift for Christmas, I have plenty.

A toaster would make a wonderful gift, it’s something I’ve needed for a while now.

Potted roses are much better than cut roses. Then we can plant them and enjoy them year after year.

And my personal favorite:

Tell me if I start acting like my mother. (I actually saw this one on a metal sign at Hobby Lobby)

Now, most men I know don’t really know why these types of statements are dangerous, they just get a tingling feeling when they hear them that says, “I better pay attention to this, if I get it wrong, there will be trouble.”

You give these statements respect. Kind of like an elephant. They seem gentle and innocent enough, but you know they outweigh you by a couple of tons and have large tusks.