Catalyst14, Andy Stanley, And The Importance Of Vision

Andy Stanley Catalyst

I just had the privilege of being able to attend the Catalyst Conference.  Over the past two days I was encouraged, uplifted, and challenged by dynamic speakers.  I have so much to write about to share with you some insights that I believe will help you impact the Kingdom of God.

The picture above is Andy Stanley closing us out and encouraging us to create a vision statement for our lives.  If you have signed up to receive my posts by email, then you have received a free tool to help you identify what the mission is that God has given you and how to identify your spiritual gifts and abilities to live your life according to that vision.

I believe that one of life’s greatest tragedies is the believer who doesn’t know the vision God has placed in his or her heart.

Often this type of believer will be busy, probably within the walls of the church, but not necessarily producing the fruit God has created them to produce.   He or she will get caught up in the business of life, but will not fulfill the mission that God has made them uniquely suited to accomplish.

At the start of the conference, Andy asked the following questions:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What breaks your heart?

He posed these questions because as leaders he wanted us to begin to identify in our life and ministry the things that we needed to change based on what breaks our heart.

The answers to these questions are the foundation for determining what type of life you will lead and what type of impact you will have on the world.  Each person’s answer is unique.  Andy’s heart was broken because people don’t wake up excited to go to church on Sunday mornings.  His wife Sandra’s heart was broken because there are over 400,000 children in foster care in America.  Your answer will be unique to the heart that God has given you.

At the close of the conference, Andy offered the following:

3 Ways To Make A Change That Sticks

  1. Craft a laser-focused vision statement
  2. Cast it over and over and over and over until everybody knows it
  3. Organize everything you do to that vision statement

I have found that these things are so important in my life.  I know that if I don’t have a vision for my marriage, my wife and I can easily be tossed about by the prevailing winds of life.   I know that if I don’t have a clear vision for my ministry, then I can easily do good things instead of focusing on the great things God has gifted me for.  I know that if I don’t have a clear vision for my kids, then I open them up to worldly influences and influencers.

This is such an important message because it is so easy to get off track.

I think one of the most effective schemes of the devil is to get us distracted from the vision of fulfilling our God-given mission.

Think about this for a moment.  The devil doesn’t have to induce you to sin.  He just has to keep you busy doing the things that don’t matter.   He doesn’t have to destroy your marriage, he just has to keep you from going down the path that God has given you and your spouse.  He doesn’t have to lead your kids down the wrong path, he just has to keep them involved in good things that may not be the best things.  He doesn’t have to make you broke and destitute, he just has to keep you chasing more money in a good job that may not be the job God wants you to serve in.

For these reasons it is so important to determine your vision.

You must know where God is calling you to go if you are to create a clear vision for how to get there.

God has created you and equipped you to complete a mission that is tailor-made for you.  He has given you all the tools that you need.  He is by your side.  He alone knows that if you will simply clarify what it is you are called to do he can do great and might things through you.

You may not see the effects of your work here until you stand before God in eternity, but when you do don’t you want to be sure that you spent your life living out your vision and doing the things that mattered to God.

I know that I do.

If you are unclear about your mission, please sign up for my posts by email and I will send you a tool to help you identify it and begin living it out with vision.



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  • Awesome post. Thank you for sharing.

  • That’s an interesting conference to attend to. I have just recently discovered the importance of vision and I can attest that does create miracles (if you wanna read about it:

    Hope to read more posts from you. #BloggerCare

    • Thanks Lux! Be sure to sign up for my posts by email and you will get them delivered straight to your inbox!

  • First I’d like to say that you have an awesome blog site! I really enjoy listening to Andy Stanley. This topic of VISION is so very important! I really love when you said

    “I think one of the most effective schemes of the devil is to get us distracted from the vision of fulfilling our God-given mission.”

    Great post, thanks for sharing. Looking forward to connecting through the #BloggerCareGroup

    • Angie, thank you for the comment. I hope that you signed up to receive my posts by email. I know that it is easy for me to get distracted from what is truly important by what seems important at the time! Keep moving forward with vision!