How To Become A Hero–Guest Post

Every so often, you find something that you just have to share.

KC Procter is a blogger and podcaster at  KC does some great work showing men what it means to become a great dad and a great husband.  His mission is to move beyond mediocrity and help others do that as well.  Here is an excerpt from his about page:

I don’t want to be a good dad, I want to be a great one.
I don’t want to be a good man, I want to be a great one.
I don’t want a good marriage, I want a great one.

KC provides insights and resources to help men to become better dads and better husbands through his blog posts and his podcasts.

KC was kind enough to allow me to guest post on his site today.  I wrote a post titled “How To Become A Hero.”

I wrote this post to remind dads that it is time to become a hero to your kids.

They need someone to look up to.  Make sure that someone is you.

Since KC has an affinity for all things Lego, and Lego Man makes his debut, it was a good fit for the DadLifeRules section of his blog.

I encourage you to swing by at and take a look.