How To Survive A Pickle Fight…

Pickle Power

It seems that the secret to surviving a pickle fight is to take time to aim.  What you don’t want to do is just “muscle throw” the pickles around.  That is a surefire way to lose a pickle fight.

Got it?

Above is just a sample of what you may hear at my house on any given evening.

Here is the back story:

My wife and I were getting ready to tuck the kids in bed.  We were sitting on the bed in our room discussing the day and out of no where my wife said something about having a tickle fight.  We were joking about which one of us would win in a tickle fight when my twelve-year-old daughter walked in.  I immediately asked her whether her mom or I would win in a tickle fight.

Without missing a beat she said “definitely Mom.”  Her reasoning made sense.  She said Mom would take time to aim the pickles and probably use a slingshot, but Dad would just “muscle throw” the pickles around.

It took about three seconds before my wife and I burst out laughing.  I don’t usually use text shorthand, but we were definitely LOLing.

Here are a couple of lessons I learned from this instance:

  1. Have fun as a couple in front of your kids. 

    We have a fun house. (Notice the space, not a funhouse, although sometimes things do get crazy.)  Rarely does a day go by when we haven’t played together as a family.  My daughter feigns disgust when I kiss her mom or give her a hug, but I am showing her how she needs to be treated when she is married.  She sees a house where her parents love each other and laugh together.  We genuinely enjoy each other’s company and it shows in our marriage and in our house.   

  2. Laugh often and laugh loud.  

    This is an offshoot of the first point.  We laugh in our house.  A lot.  I am not too big to make a fool out of myself for a laugh.  I think it is important that there is laughter in a house.  It is a sign of good health.  If there are things to laugh about it means that there is love in a home as well.  It keeps us strong as a family and binds together.

  3. Be prepared to make a memory no matter where you are or what time it is.  

    Just like a random pickle/tickle fight, we create memories wherever we are.  If you take time to look for them these type of situations are everywhere.  I could tell you many stories of times that a memory is etched in my mind just because we were being ourselves.  From “last one in is a cotton egg” to “lellow is my favorite color” to “flip school-dad flips the kids on the bed” to “flop school-dad flops you back on your back on the bed” to “the ultimate spin-kid on dad’s shoulders spinning, dad almost throws up”–the memories are there to be made.

  4. Take in all the joy that life has to offer.  

    In case you haven’t noticed, this life is tough.  There are plenty of things to sap us of our joy.  Take the time to laugh at the funny things that the people in your life say.  Enjoy the little moments that go in the pages of your life’s scrapbook.  I promise if you take in these things it will make the difficult things of life a little more manageable.

So take it from me, the next time you find yourself in a pickle fight.  Take your time.  Aim the pickles carefully.  Don’t go muscle throwing them all willy-nilly.

In a tickle fight, however, willy-nilly is a pretty good strategy.

But this is the most important thing:  Be the type of person that would be willing to have a pickle fight, a tickle fight, a pillow fight, a dance battle, be the catcher of lighting bugs, make the biggest splash in the pool, in short–a memory maker.

I promise the memories will stick with you forever and carry you through some rough days.

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What’s the last impromptu memory you made?

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  • Sharon Jordan

    I would win a “pickle” fight! Love this. When I home schooled our boys, we had an olive spitting contest (learning the sound of a short “o”) and then of course there was the paper elephant taped to the bathroom shower wall who was splattered with eggs as we learned short “e” sounds! Oh yes, the memories: jumping on the bed is sometimes okay, exploring the neighborhood “mud hole” before the new house is built! Thanks for jogging my “memories”!