I Want To Be Uncompromising

(Sounds strange, doesn't it?)



It’s such a lovely word, right?  It seems so noble.

Compromise is the art of working together.  We may not agree, but if I take a step towards you and you take a step toward me maybe we could compromise.

This world likes compromise. In fact if you take a stand for something and refuse to compromise you may be labeled as stubborn, intolerant, even bigoted.  Oh my.

So why would anyone want to be known as uncompromising?  In the book I’m reading the answer is on page 1,871.  

I am reading the book of John right now.   I got to page 1,871 in my Life Application Bible and found a profile of John the Baptist.  The Life Application Bible has great bios of main people in the Bible where they tell their strengths and accomplishments, weaknesses, lessons from their life, contemporaries, and where you can find their story in the Bible.

Right there, on page 1,871 is John the Baptist’s profile.

Under ‘strengths and accomplishments,’ right after, known for his remarkable life-style, is one word:


If you are familiar with John’s story at all you will recognize that this adjective is spot on.  After all, John lost his life and his head after he would not compromise in calling out Herod’s adultery and wickedness.  He made a life-long enemy by refusing to compromise and ultimately paid with his life.

So why would it be a good thing to be uncompromising and what sorts of things should we be uncompromising about?

Here’s a list:

  • We should be uncompromising in defending he truth of the Bible:  We should be uncompromising about the Word of God.  If we truly believe  that the Bible is the inerrant and inspired Word of God, then we should be uncompromising in defending it.  We should be uncompromising in standing up for it.  We should be uncompromising in our study of it.
  • We should be uncompromising in loving other people:  The Beatles sang all you need is love, but God is love.  The Bible says we can love others because God first loved us.  It doesn’t take too much of a deep thinker to realize that if we had more love in this world we would have less hate.  Yet often times we go out of our way to identify our differences and use those to cause divisions.   We should love each other with reckless abandon.  We should be uncompromising in our drive to see beyond the flaws of others.  We should see value in people because they are fallen from God’s grace just like we were and made in his image just like we are.
  • We should be uncompromising in telling the world about Jesus:  If we believe what Jesus said about being the way, the truth, and the light and no one could get to the Father without believing in the Son, then we need to be an uncompromising voice in the wilderness telling the world about Jesus.  If we are uncompromising in loving others, then how can we not share the hope of our salvation with them?   All too often we compromise, get too busy, and let another day go by without sharing the love of Christ with a world that desperately needs to know Jesus.

In many areas of life being uncompromising can be a bad thing.

However, there are some areas of your life and your faith where you need to have steadfast devotion to the everlasting principles of God.  Without these anchor points, we will find ourselves hopelessly adrift in society’s sea of changing principles.

I hope you will join me in becoming uncompromising.

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  • Christopher Durden

    Uncompromising, indeed! Well said!

  • Hey Jesse,

    These three areas are great. I’ve seen Christ-followers get nit-picky and uncompromising in small areas, to the detriment of love. And, to be honest, I’ve probably done this myself at times. Defending truth and staying loving can be a balancing act. I like how you address both of these areas. It is definitely an area where ongoing growth and discussion is needed. Thank you for the awesome reminder to be uncompromising!

    • Hey Jed,

      Thanks for the comment. I agree that it can be a difficult balancing act to be loving and stay true to our principles. It’s sad to see that we’ve gotten to the point that we cannot disagree with someone without it being a personal attack. Jesus certainly didn’t agree with everyone yet he exhibited his difference of opinion in love. That’s what we should strive for.

  • I always looked at uncompromising in a negative light but you have given me some new thought to how we can use this word. Especially in the areas you have shown me not to compromise in. I believe you’ve demonstrated a new level of commitment we should have just by he use of the word uncompromising. Well done and delightful.