Indiana Jones, Me and A Big Step of Faith

All right, I am not afraid to say it… I wish I could be Indiana Jones.  For those of you in the Sunday school class I teach, you can flash back to “the hat” and laugh.  It’s true.  To me, you can’t get much cooler than a guy who is a professor by day and a gun-toting, whip-slinging, dapper fedora wearing, bad-guy defeating adventurer any other time.  And I seem to get myself into just as many scrapes, but I don’t have the cool music to play in the background. 

But anyway, I digress…

Today I got to be Indiana Jones, just a little bit.  If you have seen Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, yes the one with Sean Connery, then you will remember this scene.  Towards the end of the movie, after Indy and of course the Nazis have been searching for the Holy Grail, Indy’s father has been shot.  The only thing that will help him is the Holy Grail filled with water from “the Holy Grail filling trough.”  So of course, dashing and dapper Indy must go through the booby traps to get it.  The last challenge is to cross a seemingly impossible chasm by faith alone.  As Indy looks down (which you are never supposed to do by the way!) and then looks across the divide at the other side, where he must go to save his father, he faces a choice.  Step out in faith and believe that something will be there to catch you or stand frozen in place unwilling and unable to move.  Our hero boldly lifts his foot, hesitates only briefly, and then steps out in faith.  Instantly a path that looks very much like the bottom of the chasm appears and he is able to cross to the other side. 

How does that relate to me?  I am glad you asked.

Today, I faced a similar situation.  Not over priceless artifacts that belong in museums, but with my life and my job.  I have been in a bit of a sticky situation with my work; where my work ethic, my character, and my integrity have all been unfairly judged and questioned.  Over the past few weeks, I have tried to stick to the high road and I have refused to sling the mud back that was slung at me.  Last night I received an email that was the straw that broke the camels back.  I knew that I had to leave my job.  By staying it was only adding fuel to my fire that I didn’t want to burn.  The problem is that this is a pretty scary time to be leaving a job no matter how miserable it is.

Enter my Indiana Jones moment.   This morning I faced the chasm of uncertainty and had the choice to step out and live by the faith I profess to have or to stand there unwilling and unable to move.  I chose the former.  I am now without a job and yet I am at complete peace that I did the right thing.  As I struggled and prayed about this decision, I came to the following conclusion:  God doesn’t always reveal the next step to you while you stand in comfort on the step you are on.  Sometimes you are forced to take a step FIRST before knowing where your foot will land. 

With that thought in my mind I, like Indiana Jones (but without the hat and whip—I thought that would be too confrontational) stepped out on faith. I turned in my keys, gave my resignation, and walked away with my head held high. I have absolutely no idea where my foot will land.  But I know the One who built the next step in my life long before I would make the decision to step out towards it.  Somehow, I am able to rest content in that knowledge.

So my words to you are this: God requires us to trust Him.  How many of us really do?  How willing are we to let go of the things that we think comfort us and give us peace?  What is waiting on the other side of that step of faith?  Could it be that He has something even better for us than what we have for ourselves?  I think deep down you probably know the answer to that question.

So pick up your whip, don your fedora and step out with me.  I don’t know where we are going, but I know we will love the view when we get there.