5 Sure-Fire Ways To Impact Lives For The Kingdom Of God

Soldiers in the Kingdom of GodOne of the underlying themes present in history is the advancement of an ideology and the rise and fall of empires and kingdoms.

This is one of the reasons that the Jewish people were confused when Jesus came as a servant willing to die so that all mankind could live.  They were expecting a conquering King to free them from Roman oppression and to restore the throne of David and the glory of the nation of Israel.

When Jesus came to redeem all sinners so that they might become part of the Kingdom of God it turned conventional wisdom about what a kingdom looked like on its head.

One of the reasons I chose the title “Words For The Kingdom” for this blog is to indicate that you are part of building the Kingdom of God. You are a servant and soldier of King Jesus.

Even though Jesus has not yet come back to establish his rule here on earth, you are no less his servant, and he is no less your King.

He has each you here for a reason.  So what is that reason?

The primary reason is to glorify his name and to share with others what he has done for you.

You are an outpost, a beacon of light that should shine with intensity on the truth of Christ’s love.  Your very life is to be a testimony to the One who died so that all might live.

You should be distraught over the fact that people who don’t have a relationship with Jesus Christ are doomed to be eternally separated from God in the place called Hell. It should compel you to share his Good News every day.

Lives are on the line

This is the Kingdom of God we are advancing and lives are on the line.

Joe Lewis

Perhaps this whole idea was from this quote that I just heard my friend Joe say.  After all, it sums it up rather clearly.

Lives are on the line.

That’s rather sobering until you remember that you don’t have to go it alone.  Once you accept Jesus as Lord of your life he gives you the Holy Spirit to guide and direct you.  While you are far from perfect you are perfectly forgiven.  However, you must be obedient to the urging of the Holy Spirit in your life.

How do you advance the Kingdom of God?

There are many ways you can help further the Gospel of Jesus and advance the Kingdom of God.  Here are some examples:

  • Remember that you are a witness.  You will witness to others in your words and deeds.  You can be a positive or negative example of this to people.  You will either drive people to Christ or drive people from Christ.
  • Live your faith authentically.  People will respect you if you have a belief system that you live by and live it authentically.  You will make mistakes and you will disappoint, you will probably offend, but you still have to live out what you say you believe to the best of your ability.
  • Have compassion on people.  This one can be hard sometimes, but Jesus had compassion for sinners. He saw people as lost sheep without a shepherd.  He loved them enough to point out their sin and to guide them to a better way. Next time you see someone who annoys you in their actions take a fresh look at them through the eyes of Jesus and see if they look differently.
  • You are a soldier, act like one!  Soldiers have discipline. They have routine.  They do what their commanding officer tells them to.  Are you disciplined enough to have a daily routine of prayer and Bible study?  The word of God is your offensive weapon.  It protects you from the attacks of the enemy and guides you in what to say as you witness to others with your life.  You are in a battle!  Be strong and courageous, but make sure you are properly equipped.
  • Advance the Kingdom through love.  This is the key. Christianity is different from every other faith system.  At its cornerstone is the love of God for his children.  None of us deserve to be loved, yet all of us benefit from God’s love and mercy and Christ’s sacrifice for us.  We would be wise to remember that as we live our day-to-day lives.  You most fully portray Jesus to others when you love them.  We love because He first loved us.  It’s as simple and as complex as that. You can love them through patience, compassion, and a willingness to forgive.

Unlike other kingdoms that have risen and fallen, the Kingdom of God is only growing stronger.   Brick by brick God is laying his foundation for eternity.  He is patient and wants to make sure that no one perishes, but all have a chance to know Him.

I want to make sure that I am doing everything I possibly can to advance the Kingdom of God.  I want everyone I meet to be able to experience the same love and forgiveness that God lavished on me. I want everyone I meet to walk in hope and joy and know that eternity will be a place of worship and joy.

I want to remember that lives are on the line and I may be the only thing standing between a person I meet and hell.

It’s why I write these posts.  I want you to live a transformed life that truly impacts the Kingdom of God.

What steps are you taking to make sure you are impacting the Kingdom of God?