Out of Control, Into His Hands

As I sit here writing this it is Monday morning—the graphic on the news is calling it “Winter Weather Watch 2011” or some other important sounding title.  Last night I watched on the news as people slipped and slid in their cars on snow-coated streets. In every sense of the phrase they were out of control. 

It made me think of the sermon series Unexplainable.  I believe that one of the first things necessary for God to do an unexplainable work in our life is for us to let go and allow ourselves to be out of control.  Of course, for most of us this is difficult to do. We like to have everything precisely under our control.  This explains our dependence of schedules, calendars, and routines. 

The problem is when we have everything under control; we have squeezed God out of the picture.  In essence, when we are in control of our lives, He can’t be.  God is not going to come in like an over-bearing relative and wrench the wheel from our hands.  He is going to let us drive and let us go where we want to go.  When we get there we shouldn’t be surprised that nothing unexplainable happened.  After all, how could it?  We effectively stunted the possibility when we retained control. 

My Pastor, Ronnie, made the statement that we want the unexplainable, but don’t put ourselves in the place to allow God to make unexplainable things happen.  We have such an opportunity before us over the next 11 days.  

Fasting is an opportunity to relinquish control and let God move in our lives.  It is a time when every pang of hunger can push us to the Lord in prayer.  It is a way to allow ourselves to be nourished on the Word of the Lord and to be sustained by the presence of the Spirit.  When we fast we are giving up control of something we often turn to for comfort. 

Remember this: as we presumably give up control for the next 11 days in reality we are merely handing over control to the One that should have it all along.  We are giving Him the opportunity to right our course, steer us through the slippery and treacherous parts of life and to guide us safely to the destination that He has prepared for us.  Keep that in mind through the days ahead and allow God to work the Unexplainable in you.