Prayer—The Intimate Language

We look upon prayer as a means of getting things for ourselves; the Bible idea of prayer is that we may get to know God Himself.  Oswald Chambers

 “Prayer is an intimate language.”

Does this statement surprise you?  Perhaps you have never thought of prayer in this way.  I would ask you, why not?  If you look at the type of relationship that God wants to have with us it is an intimate one.  The word intimate means, “closely connected, involving very close connection, private and personal.”  Isn’t this an adequate description of the type of relationship God wants with us?  So it stands to reason that the way we can communicate with God is through an intimate language called prayer.

The amazing thing about prayer is that for it to be truly effective it strips us of all falsehood, pretenses and presumptions.  To truly communicate with God our souls must be laid bare.  For me to stand in His presence I have to have a clear conscience (meaning free from sin) and an earnest desire to hear His voice.  I have to take a step away from the world and my life and all that ties me down there in order to be free to hear Him speak.

In addition, I have to be completely honest with myself and about my walk in order to speak to Him intimately.  Perhaps this is why it is difficult for many of us to have an excellent prayer life.  We are unwilling to be honest with ourselves about where we stand compared to where we should be standing.  Many Christians would rather be “good enough” than attempt to make lasting changes in their lives and their Christian walk.  True, intimate prayer with the Father lays us bare.

The amazing thing is that once we learn to pray intimately with Him, oh how it changes us!  Deep intimate prayer is cleansing and cathartic.  It helps wash away the filth and drudgery that weighs us down.  It brings us to a closer and fuller relationship with God.  It allows us to become closer and more intimate with our spouses, friends and other believers.  It ignites a change in us that enables us to walk with renewed strength and vigor.   It becomes a place of refuge in times of trouble and a place to celebrate our victories in times of triumph.

Meaningful prayer changes Christians.  It is the intimate closeness of the Heavenly Father to his children.  It is the still small voice that carries us on.  It is the voice of the One who created you for just such a conversation as this.

Father, speak to my heart today.  Create in me a desire for intimate conversation with you.  Help me to clearly hear your voice and to respond in kind.  Take away everything that hinders me from hearing your words and give me a thirst for more of you, this day and every day.  Help me to speak this intimate language that you have created because you love me that much.  In Jesus name, Amen.