The Third Day

It began with a ray of light.

The column of light seemed to emanate from the very core of the earth. It shot through the rough hewn tomb and radiated through the sky.  White hot and blinding, it seemed to stretch far upwards to the edges of space, pointing ever closer to Heaven itself.  Invisible to human eyes, yet present to all with spiritual eyes rose a multitude of the Heavenly Host.  Arranged in concentric rings around the beam of light, the angels hovered with a beautiful symmetry.  Their radiant wings outstretched, fiery swords extended toward the light.  Hundreds of thousands of them flew. Arranged as low as the blooming dogwoods that circled the tomb and as high as the stars unseen because of the risen Son.

As the beam of light shot forth with all the velocity of the speed of light, something amazing happened.  The demons that had been crowded around the stone, excited in their apparent victory, began to tremble.  As the stone began to roll back, they jumped and twitched and shuddered.  They nervously moved, leathery wings unfurling, prepared to slink away.  This couldn’t be happening!  They had finally defeated this Jesus, the Son of God.  He had breathed His last on the cross.  He said “It is finished.”  God the Father, had turned his back on His Son.  But all at once, with a sound like thunder, and a rumble as the earth shook and quaked, the light burst forth from the ground and shot out from the tomb like an exploding star, and with a loud squeal, the demons fled.  Shot forth like a million pieces of shrapnel, they fled from the onslaught of light.  The angels that for three days had been held back from the tomb suddenly rushed in to fill the void.  They took their places in rings around the beam of light stretching from the earth to heaven.  Their singing could be heard in beautiful angelic harmony.  “It’s time, He is Risen,” could be heard echoing over and over and over throughout all the atmosphere.

Slowly the stone moved away. The guards who had been stationed there fell to the ground and lay as dead men.  Although they couldn’t see the light or hear the beautiful songs, they could see the stone move and hear the shuffling coming from within.

At once, with majesty and power, He stepped out from the shadows.  Where a day earlier there was only death and decay, now stood life everlasting.  Where sin once had had it’s way, now it had been defeated once, for all.  Where death had seemed to claim victory, now its sting was gone.

Jesus, Son of God, Son of Man; the source of the radiant light, stepped into the morning of the third day.  The grave clothes had fallen from his frame and he stood in glowing white, the only source of imperfection coming from His nail scarred feet and hands.

Two angels descended from their place among the host and sat on the stone.

They waited in humble adoration as the Savior walked away from the empty tomb.

They knew that soon the women would come to anoint his body.

Soon the disciples and Peter would run to the tomb only to find it empty.

Soon the message, the Good News, would ignite like a fire and spread across the land.

Soon He would return home to His Father’s side, and resume His place at the throne.

But today would bring a message of hope.

For today the angels would say, “Why do you look for the living among the dead?  He is not here, He is risen, just as He said!”