Where Is The Urgency?

Hello faithful followers. It’s me again. So this title is pretty funny coming from a guy who hasn’t written anything this month, but I started listening to a sermon series by David Jeremiah on Heaven and it got me thinking.

Consider these statistics:
Worldwide, 3 people die every second.
That equates to 180 every minute,
11,000 every hour
and around 250,000 people dying every day.

So again I ask myself, where is the urgency. When you hear the phrase “a lost and dying world” these statistics should spring to mind and spur us to action. Unfortunately, most of us rarely think of death and dying unless someone we know has died. Even then, we often don’t think about the finality of it and what it means.

The Bible says that when a person dies they will spend eternity either in Heaven with God or in Hell separated from God. Those are the only two options. The choice is made here on earth and it has eternal ramifications.

What struck me was my own lack of urgency in letting those I interact with each day know that time is short and we don’t know when we will die. Today is Wednesday. As I relate how my day went think about how many people I interacted with today. First thing this morning, I went to Home Depot to get some materials for a job I am finishing. I passed a cashier I see several times a week, the guy in the millwork department, a guy that always is cleaning the floors, and a different cashier to check out. After that, I ran by Chick-Fil-A and got breakfast for my wife and kids; I went through the drive through so I only talked to one guy. Then I went to Starbucks in a Kroger to get a cup of coffee for my wife, because I love her so much. I talked to the guy there for a few minutes about contact lenses versus glasses and how bad the pollen was this year. Next I went to my jobsite and worked until I ran out of material and had to go back to Home Depot. I ran into the electrical department guy and a lady from self checkout who, when I asked how she was doing said, ‘I’m hanging in there.” Then I went by QT and got a $0.49 fountain drink and said hello and goodbye to the cashier there that I have been knowing for 5 years. After I got done with work I had to run by the gas station and get gas. I then went home and changed into my “teaching” clothes and came up to school where I saw my two coworkers, several students and the security guard.

Do you know how many times I asked someone about what would happen to them when they died?


Not one person. I probably talked to twenty-five people today and I didn’t mention Jesus to one of them. Shame on me. Tonight may be the last night for someone and I didn’t take time to speak to them about the most important thing in this world.

So where is my urgency?

Something needs to change within us. We need to be thinking about what is really important, not just the superficial things of this world. We need to impact others in a way that matters not just in passing superficially. I admit I don’t know exactly how to make that change in myself, much less in you. All I know is that we have to be diligent in getting the word out. We have to have an urgency about the most urgent message there is.